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Law of Attraction

Your thoughts, like everything else in the universe, are energy. The law of attraction is based off of the idea that “like attracts like”, so the positive energy you put into a conscious thought will send out positive vibrations and will attract positive situations into your life. 

This theory cannot be exactly “proven”, but there is an astounding amount of evidence to suggest that it is true if we can adopt a monistic idealist sort of view of quantum mechanics. To put it as simply as possible, this is the view that allows the mysteries of quantum physics to prove that consciousness - which is the “force” of the universe, or the inter-webbing between all life that makes us one being - has a direct effect on the nature of the activity on the quantum scale. However, since the power of the law of attraction is obvious and accessible to anyone, does it really need to be proven? Why not try it out for yourself? Here’s the best method:

1. Sit in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Sit with you back perfectly straight, make sure you’re comfortable, and relax your whole body. Depending on how much you meditate already, it can take anywhere from 100-20 seconds for your mind to reach the alpha level - the level of mind that will most effectively influence your mind and, therefore, your reality. (For more information about the levels of mind, click here) So, count back from 10-1, focusing on physical relaxation. Consciously relax a part of your body, then spread that feeling of relaxation throughout the rest of the body. Then, count back from 10-1 focusing on mental relaxation. Practice using visualization to reach a peaceful, calming destination. It may be helpful to use a place you have experienced, in order to have a vivid visual. Imagine every aspect of that place, focusing on each of the 5 senses. Then, count back from 10-1 (20-1 if you are less experienced or perhaps having some difficulty relaxing) imagining going deeper and deeper, getting more and more relaxed with every count of a number. 

2. You are now at the Alpha level! This level is more effective at shaping your reality. At this level, use your mind’s power of visualization to imagine living your life with the object of your desire already in it. For example, if you want a new car, imagine yourself driving your new car. Use the same 5 senses technique I spoke of above. Feel the excitement of owning it, the steering wheel, and the comfortable leather seating. Smell that new car smell, hear the engine, etc. The most important aspect of this is that you attach an extremely positive emotion to the object, this will give the thought a stronger attractive force. 

3. Stay in this alpha level and return to your place of serenity. Reflect on your life and give thanks to God/the Universe for all of the good things in your life. Specify what those things are, perhaps giving them symbols and embracing them with a blue-white light of love and gratitude. 

4. Count yourself out of this state by counting up from 1-5. This will make your “journey” more of a concrete experience. 

5. Most importantly, always BELIEVE in the power of your intention. Have faith in God/the Universe. 

Lots of Love,



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